Who am I? Why am I here? And a Mumsnet Blogfest announcement

Thank you Scotland

Important things in my life: family, blogging, tea, Tunnocks

This year I have been privileged enough to have been asked to speak at Mumsnet’s Blogfest 2015. If you are going too then please let me know and come and say hi. If you can’t make it then do check in to the Mumsnet website over the next few weeks – they are going to be sharing some guest posts from lots of the great speakers that are going….and from me!

Mumsnet asked me to write the guest post the same week as WordPress told me I had been blogging for 2 years – a pretty nice way to celebrate I thought. You can find my guest post here. Pop over and let me know what you think!

I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled “Giving it away: The public stories of our private lives.” Here is the blurb from the Blogfest programme: Continue reading

Whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn, things may have finally got better

A Mum wishes many things for her kids: happiness, health, love, wealth.

Something that is less often stated, but no less often desired, is for our children to grow up into adults who believe that they can make a difference, that their opinions matter, and that their views count.

After years of having our political views seemingly fall upon deaf ears, my faith in my ability to make a difference when it comes to how the country is governed has been shattered: we marched against the rapid closure of key industries – they closed anyway; we marched against the invasion of Iraq – we invaded anyway; some of us voted for Labour in 1997, and were left feeling that somehow the Conservatives had still won anyway.

The frustrations of my generation were, I feared, destined to be passed down as apathy to the next. Now, I feel hopeful that my fears were unfounded. Continue reading

As my kids take small steps into the big wide world, should I step away from social media?

That’s that then. From zero-kids to three-kids-at-school in a total of 7 years.

It’s hardly news to exclaim that the pregnancies, the births and those early years flew by. Well, perhaps not the births, but it does feel like such was the force of that final push, that it catapulted first their heads, then their shoulders, then all of our lives from that hospital room to this point in time at lightening speed.

And now off they go, their first tentatitve steps into the big wide world. Although, when you think about it, they have been out there in the big wide world since the eldest turned 6 months old. Not out on their own in the actual world, but there with a presence in the virtual world.

They are the first generation to have their lives, their successes, and often their parents’ frustrations with parenting them documented via words, photos and witty quotes, perhaps almost on a daily basis. Continue reading

Dear parents of girls – she’s perfect. Love from a parent of boys

Dear Parents of Girls

Whilst preparing the porridge for our three boys, I heard on the news on Radio 4 the latest pearl of parenting wisdom: don’t let girls play with Barbie dolls. Combing hair is passive. Your child will never be successful in the field of science and engineering if they partake in such frivolous past times.

You know my views on so called parenting ‘advice’, shared by so called respectable media outlets. And I wonder sometimes if it isn’t even worse for you than it is for me – is it just  me or are more articles, more opinions more judgements directed at you, parents of girls? It sometimes reads as if your little girl has to forever justify her choices, her preferences, her sex in a way that I am not sure little boys do. Continue reading

Summer born boys vs Bjork: Can anyone succeed when it comes to formal education?

This time next week, all the kids will be back to school. Just need to do a few checks to make sure we are ready, organised and prepared.

Here goes:

  1. Uniform purchased – tick
  2. Name labels sorted – check
  3. Nit comb located – you bet
  4. Kids doomed to fail – aah. Not sure I’ve done everything in my power to ruin their chances of a decent education.

Continue reading