Who am I? Why am I here? – A blog post all about me.

You can head over to the ‘About Cogito Ergo Mum’ page to discover what this blog is all about. If you want to know a little more about me personally, read on and then, if you fancy, pop across to like the Facebook page.

  1. My name is Abby. If I had been born a  boy I would have been called Sam. I was named after a character in a TV drama about survivors of a nuclear holocaust. Make of that what you will.
  2. I’m a white woman who is in her late 30s and of no particular religion. This blog is not about my ethnicity, woman-ness, aged-ness, or agnosticism. I kind of hope that if you are not all (or any) of these things, that you can still engage with what I write.  I have no idea how these parts of me influence my writing, but of course they must do.
  3. I  am married and have three young children. Thinking about our three small boys and how I can help them prepare for their adult life is pretty central to some of my blog posts. This is not a blog plotting their progress through childhood, and as such I have chosen not to include photos of them in my posts. This makes adding images to the blog tricky given most of my photos are of my children.
  4. I was born into a happily working class family in South Yorkshire. I am now a happily middle class person living in the South of England. I owe a lot to a family who put  financial pressure on themselves to ensure I got an education, and who did not complain when I swapped from the psychology degree to the philosophy one. The philosophy degree influences this blog a lot.
  5.  I have good friends whose politics range from the pretty far left to the true blue Conservatives. My political pendulum tends to rest at left of centre.
  6. For our holidays, we tend to camp. I enjoy camping. I’d enjoy it more if we could also afford a holiday once a year that involved us all being ferried around in first class luxury to a place where someone else did all the cooking, cleaning, driving, and babysat for us between the hours of 8pm to 10am.
  7. Here are 10 songs I really like. My top 10 changes all the time, but off the top of my head: You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac); Day and Night (Hot Chip); Default (Django Django); Glory Box (Portishead); Hurts so Good (Susan Cadagon);  Hold me Now (Thomson Twins); These Days (Fu Fighters); Taper Jean Girl (Kings of Leon); I feel love (Donna Summer); the whole of Craig Charles Funk and Soul show over on Radio 6 from 6 – 9 Saturday night
  8. I enjoy being out in the company of others. I like being in establishments that have good food, good music, and a little too much booze. I have had excellent times in my life in all manner of places: drinking cider behind bus shelters, vodka in sticky floored music venues, real ale in proper pubs, Champagne at grand and not so grand weddings, brandy in Gentlemen’s clubs (the posh ones, not the stripper ones), warm lager at hot festivals, and cocktails on girls’ nights out. One of the luckiest things that has happened to me in my life is happening to make friends with people from many different walks of life. Now when I go out, I don’t care where I am, so long as  the friends are genuine, and I have a seat (preferably not one in a bus shelter).
  9. I enjoy reading. Having young children means limited time for long novels. I tried to turn to magazines but found they left me feeling a little flat. Reading your blogs fills a gap – it’s like I can pick and mix my own favourite topics into my own personal magazine just for me. Currently, I am a bit daunted by the sheer volume of blogs out there and I am not engaging with them as I would like. I feel a strange sense of guilt about not responding to posts, tweets and Facebook updates from the author’s of the blogs quick enough.
  10. While I am not a person angry with my lot in life, I would like to see some things change both in my personal relationships, and in the society that I live in. I prefer to effect change via a smile and a conversation, rather than an arrogant ‘win at all costs’ confrontation. I think this confrontational approach is largely detrimental to society but is seen everywhere –  from board rooms, to politics, to radio shows, to the school play ground. My husband would possibly suggest I ought to practice what I preach a little more!

People seem to want to categorise blogs. I’ve seen them labelled as  ‘humorous’, ‘controversial’, ‘or ‘informative’ for example. I hope mine is thought-provoking, reflective, and that it tackles some serious issues without taking itself too seriously. Like the headline states, it has a  parent-y, philosophy and a poetry focus. I like to throw the odd  poem into the mix, mainly because it amuses me to write them, but also I like the balance that they give to the overall content of Cogito Ergo Mum.

I am trying to get a Facebook page thing going on. I like Facebook – I ‘get’ how it works and after a couple of years checking out all the social media tools available, I’m going back to what I know. If you like too Facebook then please do like my page. Otherwise, pop over here now and again and say hi.



39 thoughts on “Who am I? Why am I here? – A blog post all about me.

    • Thank you! The name thing – aaargghh – so frustrating! I started off writing under another name when I didn’t know what I was going to be writing about. Once i realised it is not the sort of blog that requires secret names, I tried to change it on all of my accounts. It hasn’t filtered through to all sections of some accounts and I am still trying to work out why! Any hints, let me know. Hope you are well and had a great Christmas.


      • That made you sound mysterious actually! When you click on it and land on Google +, it does say Abby. Must be something you can change on your WordPress account (not that I have a clue, I am a complete newbie – too scared my blog is not good enough to actually show it to anyone, haha!)


      • Why don’t you looks at the WordPress challenge I am doing? It’s called zero to hero. For total newbies as well as others. Let me know what you think? PS I am definitely not mysterious!


      • It sounds great, I have been contemplating signing up for it since reading your post about an hour ago… it would have been a fab holiday project, but with work starting back on Monday, I doubt I will manage. You know what? I will sign up for the newsletters anyway! Thanks.


    • Thank you. I didn’t realise when I started out how important it is to get a feel of the person who is writing. But it does feel a bit odd disclosing lots of information about yourself to strangers! I don’t feel uncomfortable with what I posted though, and your comment gives assurance that it wasn’t too self obsessed!


  1. I hadn’t seen the Zero to Hero challenge but it looks great. I think I’m a bit late now but I’m certainly going to keep it bookmarked. I’m looking forward to seeing how you get on and it’s great to read a bit more about you.


    • Hi jenni. It only started yesterday. I did today’s and yesterday’s challenge in a few hours over the last day. The challenge is not time critical – they say you can dip into the tasks as and when you choose. So give it a go!


  2. Happy New Year! I like to think of my blog as an extension of me which is ether wise or completely deluded!
    The challenge sounds interesting and a good way to step back and assess things x


    • Oooh. You are definitely far nearer the wiser end than the deluded one. The challenge is great – initiatives like this one and the sort of support that you and your blogs give are so helpful, so thank you


  3. I would have said the part about “three things (you) want to learn” the same way you did (the bit about being “a little dry”), but in reality bloggers like me are interested in learning, and we very, very often learn from one another. So have no fear: I, at least, lost no interest at that point. :)

    Great “getting to know you” post – thanks! I’m looking forward to your future posts, of course!


    • Bah… just realized the first part of my comment could be taken the wrong way. I meant it to mean that I would be self-effacing too. My confidence in my ability to write something interesting is suspect at best, and so I was relating to your own supposition about how readers would receive that part of your post. I hope you understood it the way I intended – if not, I apologize! :)


    • Thank you Emily. And a happy new year to your too. Ps I think I saw you speaking at blogfest? If that was you – thanks – I found that session really useful.


  4. Hi Abby, I appreciate your philosophy. I can also identify with your statement “Now when I go out, I don’t care where I am, so long as the friends are genuine, and I have a seat (preferably not one in a bus shelter).” That seems to cover it for me as well. I like your writing. If we lived a few thousand miles closer, I’d enjoy drinking an ale with you. ~ Dennis


  5. I enjoyed reading several of your posts and look forward to reading more in the future. I learned this morning that there will be a Writing 201 course starting soon so maybe we will meet again there.

    Because of the interests you expressed, I thought I’d let you know my son writes a blog http://theseekersdungeon.com/ that combines philosophy, spirituality, poems and other things. Like you, he found it a way to put his philosophy degree to use!


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