How to Deal with Alcohol Dependancy. Seriously, how?

If you have advice for helping people who love someone with an alcohol dependancy, please get in touch.

It’s standard to think that somebody with a dependancy on drink lacks something: confidence; direction; ambition; responsibility; hope; self control; a cheery disposition; a can do attitude.

The actual situation is that they have something. They have something that has more power and more energy than most of us have ever experienced.

Dependency isn’t a lack of light. It isn’t darkness itself. It is the opposite. It is the sun.

Like the sun, it is a force that nothing seems able to reckon with. It blinds you if you try to examine it for any amount of time. It burns you if you try to get too close.

Sometimes, especially in the early days, when the person with the dependancy chooses to shine that light on you it can warm you. It can thrill you. It can leave you feeling as equally intoxicated.

It shames you that some of your Best. Times. Ever. were spent basking in that light that at the time felt joyous, not dangerous.

Suddenly, you realise it has gone too far, but by then it feels too late. There was no big bang, no identifiable tipping point, but after looking to the sun one too many times the afflicted are dazzled to a point they can no longer see.

They can only feel their way towards the next drink.

For the person afflicted, life outside of those small, lonely pools of bright light ceases to exist.

For everyone else they are left spinning in circles, unable to pull free  of the force of the huge, burning ball of flames that has slowly and stealthily made slaves of us all.

How, just how, can any of us break free?










Children’s Art Week – And Not a Junk Model In Sight

It’s children’s art week.

Oh God.

You’ve got to give up your home to glitter and glue. Or you’ve got to run around art galleries while parents in itchy looking knitwear wielding sugar-free rice cakes judge your ‘bum bum willy’ shouting Haribo munching children. Or you’ve got to pretend you love junk models.

It’s going to be awful.

But I say listen up fraught and frazzled parents, art and kids can be a beautiful thing. A fun thing. A cheap thing. Even a faff free thing. Really .

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My Poem About Boozing is Now a Song!

A couple of years ago Lords of the Drinks ran a poetry competition. Given that I like a poem, and that my specialist subject is drinking too much, I thought I’d enter.

The poem was penned on Burns night. Here it is

A few months ago, I got an email from the other side of the world. Andrew Beban from Off the Avenue Productions was involved in writing the music for a production called “A Man Walks Into a Bar”.

Could he, he asked, use my poem and turn it into a song to be featured in the production?

Hmmm. Let me think about that.


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The Importance of Coffee and Communication in the Development of Young Brains

It’s all about communication isn’t it? Not just how we speak, but how we listen too. With that in mind, it is perhaps best to never hear the newest piece of child development research before sunrise, before coffee, through the medium that is Breakfast TV.

Given the pre-coffee circumstances, my first exposure to Save the Children’s “Lighting Up Young Brains” perhaps wasn’t all it should have been.

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