dangerous womenThere was a party round ours over the weekend. And there was food and booze and family and friends and it was fun and kind and there were smiles and there was laughter.

And there was chit and there was chat and there were songs. And there was much lamentation about music not being what it was. About it not being about reaching out to connect with others, to bring together, to change the world. Not like 20 years ago. Continue reading

A Tale From The Edge of a Mental Health Crisis

Pancake day was the day Claire was sectioned. Call it divine intervention, call it a lack of beds, she was back at home in time for Easter.

I can’t imagine what the period in between was like for her. I have an insight into what it was like for her husband and their children. And I know what it was like for me – hovering on the edge of events as they unfolded.

This is my tale.

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