Knowing that I Know Nothing (particularly when it comes to Blogging)

It’s the school holidays. I have no time to indulge my amateurish philosophical wonderings of how best to raise the kids, because I am arm pit deep in….well…..raising them. And jolly good (exhausting, feet crippling, where’s the sherry) fun it is too. However, it’s only five weeks since I started this blog and I am still all keen, so I don’t want to miss a (self imposed,  made up, unimportant to anyone but myself) deadline now.

Given time constraints, in the school holidays I think it might be best to put the philosophy aside and instead reflect upon how this blogging lark is going.  These reflections have led me to realise that, as  Socrates kind of worked out before he poisoned himself by downing some Hemlock, the more I learn, the less I know.

Five weeks ago, I had no clue about the blogging community. I have a friend who did a wedding blog, that’s how I knew they existed. So, I learned how to set up a wordpress blog. And in the meantime, it’s been a great time to re-learn bits and pieces of philosophy that I have picked up over the years. I’m enjoying it. But I thought that would be kind of all there was to it.

Now I am realising how clueless I am. Particularly on the techy side of things. I have unwittingly launched myself into a world of tweeting, stats analysing (obsessively – I didn’t think I cared if anyone looked!), visual tweakings, other blog readings and I even EVEN set up a Google+ account. I have no idea what it does.

Then what of the actual writing? I knew I couldn’t draw. I knew the things I see will never make it intact back onto a bit of paper via a dab of oil paint. But how can the words that are in my head look so different on the screen? And what about the etiquette? To retweet or not to retweet? To shamelessly flaunt one’s ramblings in random blogging networks? And how to find a sensible way to access all the blogs that I have realised I like?

Finally, the neediness! I am checking stats. I am really enjoying seeing this new community come into focus, and slowly ‘meeting’ other bloggers. I never new there was a gap in my life, but now I’m not so sure! But hey, who cares. I haven’t thought about  hoovering or dusting or pairing socks in, ooh, 5 weeks. Housework (which I detest) has been put well and truly back in its place.

So yes, I’m going to carry on with the blog for a little while yet. Even on the weeks when I haven’t got the time. I’m guessing that the more I learn about blogging, the less I will know where the hoover is. And that will surely keep me away from the Hemlock for a good while yet.

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