The Autumn Dragon: A Poem.

The Autumn Dragon

When I was five, I’d feel so glum
Once the months turned to September
Christmas was a long way off
Warm sun, hard to remember

We’d trudge from school, through wind and rain
No playing in the park
If we did, new shoes would scuff
And anyway, it was dark

To lift my mood my mummy said
She’d let me have a pet
Whatever I could dream of
was the creature we would get

I thought I’d like a big blue whale
But we’d need a bigger bath
I thought I’d like a zombie cat
But Dad said, “Don’t be daft”

Then I thought I’d love a dragon
I felt sure my mum would grumble
Instead though, she just smiled a smile
As she served up apple crumble

October came, at Halloween
Mummy asked me to imagine
The pet that I had dreamed off
Then BANG there was MY DRAGON

His scales were yellow, gold andย red
Like leaves upon the ground
And from his lips blew sparkly mist
Each time he made a sound

His eyes were large, like harvest moons
They shone crisp and blue and bright
His lashes, frosty cobwebs
Caught the morning light

In November we had bonfire night
I thought mum would go berserk –
Our pet flew high while breathing fire
A dragon firework

Then at winter, I felt glum once more
Our dragon had to go
He was sad to miss our Christmas lunch
But he didn’t care for snow

April showers came and went
Then the summer sun
And then it was September time
Dragon season had begun

At last it was October
And at Halloween, right on queue
My dragon flew home, lit the fire for Dad
And joined us all for stew

So now I’m six I’ve finally learned
That this time of year is awesome
My dragon will fly home to us
The dragon I call Autumn

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