Happy Bear-day: A poem for my son

A scary bearWe like bears. So, it stands to reason that our kiddies might like bears too. One of our boys likes them very much. He also likes maps, and magnets. I thought I’d try to write him a poem for his birthday that included some of his favourite subjects. Turns out you need a long poem to fit in all of these ideas. Perhaps, in retrospect, it needed a slightly different plot in order to be a slightly shorter poem. But hey ho. It would be great if I was an illustrator so I could break the text up a bit. Instead, though, I’ve attempted to read it out. Play it. Or read it. Let me know what you think. Grrrrr.

Stanley was a litte boy
Who’d soon be turning four
He liked making things and baking things
He liked bears, and to explore

He lived in a town that was quite far South
It was sunny, with sea salt air
He made things, baked things, and explored a lot
But he’d never met a bear

On his birthday he unwrapped his gifts
And despite all of his wishing
No birthday parcels contained bears
He thought, “I need a mission

“I’m four now and it’s really time
For me to meet a bear”
So he made some skates, baked a birthday cake
And to his family did declare

“I’m off in search of bears now,
I’m going to scour the planet”
His Dad said, “Put those skates on son”
And passed Stan a giant magnet

Stanley’s eyes grew wider
As his Daddy’s plans unfurled
They’d don their skates, and use magnetic force
To pull them north around the world

So with the cake packed in their rucksack
And some juice to quench their thirst
They pointed the magnet northward
And rolled off, slowly at first.

Before long the magnet did its work
And on their skates they whizzed
By snack time they’d reached Thailand
Where the Sun bears lived

Thrilled when he caught sight of one
Stan asked “Bear, what is your name?”
Angrily she poked out her tongue
She was anything but tame

Daddy said, “Don’t worry Stan
Sun bears like to be alone
We will definitely get to meet a bear
Before we must go home

With a frown Stan clasped the magnet
Maybe this plan was not so slick
But when in China, Stan soon changed his mind
“Look Dad – a bear picnic!”

A panda chewed upon bamboo
He was really rather shy
An Asiatic black bear
Rolled her eyes, with a loud ‘sigh’

A sloth bear arrived from India
He started dozing quietly
The black bear said to Stan and Dad
“This is such a dull party”

Stanley had a brain wave
“I’ve got a cake, it’s just the thing
For us to fill our faces with
And get this party in full swing”

In 10 minutes all the cake had gone
Bears, Stan and Dad now best of friends
They danced and laughed, but as time moved on
The gathering had to end

Stan and Dad lifted the magnet
And, after saying sad bear good-byes
They surged forth again, hurtling north
Towards Scandinavian skies

The rolled right on through Kazakhstan
Where they spied an old spectacled bear
“You live in Peru”, young Stanley said
“You are miles away from there”

The spectacled bear was most perplexed
He was always getting lost
His sense of direction was not the best
His eyesight, not what it once was

Dad gave the bear some directions
The spectacled bear was relieved
Stanley and Dad waved more bear goodbyes
Then rolled onwards at hyper-speed

By tea time they’d reached Finland
They met a bear who was big and brown
They said, “We’re pleased to meet you bear”
But the bear looked confused and frowned

It seemed there was a language gap
And while Dad worked out what to do
Stan asked, “What’s the Finnish for a bear?”
His Daddy replied, “Karhu!”

Stan turned to the bear, “Karhu” he said
The bear’s frown turned into a smile
They shook paws, shook hands and bear hugged
And explored Finland, for a while

Before long the sun was setting
Stan’s bear-day had passed too quick
But then Dad whispered quietly in Stanley’s ear
“It’s still ‘day’ in the Arctic”

For this journey takes place in summer months
At the north pole, this time of year
The sun doesn’t set – it is ‘day’ all the time
“Hold the magnet”, said Dad, “And I’ll steer.”

As they approached the magnetic north
The pair rolled on faster and faster
An American bear passed them by in a blur
As Stan and Dad whizzed along via Alaska

And then they arrived, and in glaring sun
They squinted to see a bit clearer
In the distance they saw a huge polar bear
Who was quickly becoming much nearer

The polar bear was a jolly old chap
With fur of a glossy bright white
He said, “if the sun ever set in this place
I’d invite you to stay overnight”

But instead the three settled down for some food
The bear served a marvellous fish supper
Stan and Dad were quite peckish and so they tucked in
(but politely declined the seal blubber)

Then after he’d eaten some ice-cream
And with a happy and full little tummy
Stan said to Dad, “I’ve had a great day
But now I’d like to go home to see Mummy.”

With that, Stan and Dad said their farewells once more
And then Dad turned the magnet around
Now the magnet repelled them away from the north
And Southward they started to bound

They travelled on back through Alaska
Waving at the American bear
They quickly made progress through China
And smiled at the memories made there

They rolled very quietly through Thailand
(the Sun bear had been terribly fierce)
Stan thought he caught sight of her long pink tongue
“Don’t worry”, Dad said, “she can’t see us”

And then just in time to see nightfall
They arrived at their home by the sea
Mummy was there with a hug, and she said,
“How was your birthday, Stanley?”

And Stanley said

“Mummy I’m a big boy now
I’ve finally turned four
I like making things, and baking things
I like bears, and to explore

“I love our home that is quite far South
I love the sun and sea salt air
And now I’ve made things, baked things and explored a lot
And I’ve finally met a bear.


Funny bone: A blog I found that made me smile and kept me motivated when I was getting my knickers in a twist while writing this poem

47 thoughts on “Happy Bear-day: A poem for my son

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    LOVE hearing your voice, a nice connection to give readers and as for the poem – so sweet – after the first few verses I started to want to draw a little boy in an explorers hat. Can imagine it in a kiddies book !


    • Abby says:

      Thank you so much and a special thanks for the feedback on the recording – it was a bit scary putting it out there. As for the book…..aahhhh…..now that would be nice. How are you at drawing explorer’s hats πŸ˜‰


  2. Aisha from expatlog says:

    LOVE IT! My knowledge of bear poems is restricted to this one from long ago schooldays,
    ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
    A bear was Fuzzy Wuzzy.
    When Fuzzy Wuzzy lost his hair
    He wasn’t Fuzzy Wuzzy.’

    At least I think that’s how it went…


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