Burns Night: A Poem


I don’t much care for jelly shots
I’m drinking, I’m not eating
I don’t much care for alcopops
Quite frankly, that’s just cheating

I turn up my nose at Irish Cream
I’m not here for a milkshake
You want me to down abysnth?
I’m not making that mistake (again)

I’m rather partial to the vodka
Though it’s not very refined
As I mature, to act my age
I often stick to wine

But, ditch the ice and bin the coke,
The drink that my throat yearns
Is a large neat Scottish whiskey
I love the way it Burns

Without I word of a lie, I am cooking the haggis and find this poetry challenge being run by Lords of the Drinks. Enjoy Burns Night. And enjoy a whiskey (or two).

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