Happy Half Birthday Cogito Ergo Mum

On the 26 March 2014, Cogito Ergo Mum turned 6 months old. She’s the youngest of my offspring, and so I am pretty much dragging her up. This possibly explains why I forgot her half birthday. I am here now, full of apologies,  giving her my best wishes, a big hug and a slice of virtual cake.

Cogito Ergo Mum keeps me sane(ish), keeps me amused and keeps me thinking. Through her I have began to forge friendships and acquaintances, both here, and over at Twitters-ville. I’ve finally found a hobby that I love. She’s good fun is Mum!

She’s become her own living ‘thing’, getting me out of all sorts of scrapes. For example, this week I have struggled with the post that I was trying to write. Just as I was resigning myself to having to miss my publishing goal of one post per week,  there before my eyes was my first post ever. Then it dawned on me: Happy Half Birthday To Us.

On the one hand, this feels a cheat of a post: just me blabbing on about a half birthday, not even a whole birthday. On the other, I believe many bloggers stop blogging after 6 months. Surely the fact that we made it this far is worthy of a small celebration.

For us, it is the Easter holidays from tomorrow so I am going to have a couple of weeks away from Cogito Ergo Mum. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that. She’ll still be here though, so have a browse through what we have done to date. For a bit of a laugh (at us, not with us), read the first two posts. This one is truly terrible. This one is a bit less cringe-worthy.

Now you’ve got a bit of reading for the next couple of weeks, and we’ve got a bit of cake. With that, we very much hope to see you back here after Easter, full of chocolate and thoughts and good will.

Our half birthday wish is that Cogito Ergo Mum makes it to her first birthday. Wish us luck.

17 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday Cogito Ergo Mum

  1. josandelson says:

    Congratulations Abby – it’s an accomplishment reaching this landmark as it’s so easy to go off the boil with all the strains and stresses of day to day living. You’ve done so well and it’s been great fun getting to know you a bit in Twittersville etc. I’m going to hold you to your next landmark in September and in the meantime send you a big half cake with half a candle 🙂 X


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