My Blatherings, The Bard and World Book Night

Fashionably late or just plain tardy? Call it what you will, the fact is I missed World Book Day. But I am going to rectify that as I sit here all immersed in World Book Night.

World Book Night is right now, as in April 23 2014. It coincides with Mr Shakespeare’s birth-death-day. It also coincides with St George’s day. The Brits amongst you may wonder what our Patron Saint, associated with real ale, sausages and dragons, has to do with World Book Night. You will be intrigued to know the Spanish also have a thing for St George and over in Espana the Gals celebrate by giving the Guys Books. Lovely.

World Book Night is all about sharing books. So let’s start sharing, eh?

Rather serendipitously, the last book I actually read was gifted to me on World Book Night about 2 years ago. The book was “All Quiet on the Western Front”. It was shared with me by a lovely friend always trying to rekindle the faint and flickering little reading lamp inside of me.

It’s not that I have purposefully switched off my inner reading lamp, it’s just that the usual demands of life, and, let’s be honest, this blogging habit have led to it being turned off once too often. Now the bulb needs changing.

I do still read, but snippets, short blogs, columns. It’s a long time since I got my teeth, imagination and mind into a meaty novel. I miss that.

Here is my suggestion. From now until March 2015 (or whenever the next World Book Day is), I’ll share with you some of the books that sum up bits and pieces of my life. Some of these books are truly cringe worthy, as indeed were some chapters of my life. It could be fun though – certainly for me. For you, it could just be just the blatherings of a nobody talking about a life you barely care about. But hey, my blog, my rules.

In exchange, all I ask is that you recommend some novels worth reading, so I can get back to the books. Other than you liking your book recommendation, the only requirement I have is that it has short chapters. Seriously. I get interrupted so often that anything I read needs to be presented in bite size chunks. Judge me, I don’t care – I am realistic about my limitations.

I have had a think about some of the books that might make an appearance in my musings. Here is what I have come up with so far….

The Little House Virginia Lee Burton

Mr Tickle Roger Hargreaves

The Twits Roald Dahl

Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret Judy Blume

The Color Purple Alice Walker

The Movie Louise Bagshaw

Ralph’s Party Lisa Jewell

Animal Farm George Orwell

The Edible Woman Margaret Attwood

The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton

Kill Your friends John Niven

The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year Sue Townsend*

I for one am thrilled with my new blogging whim. I appear to have created a little regular feature for this blog in the form of a monthly book chat. I (like to think I) look all intriguing and thoughtful with my eclectic mix of books. I can harp on about how great books are for the next generation and thus sound most wise. Basically, I can use books as a decoy for actually just talking about myself. Yay.

I’ll let you know when I actually manage to write a post about one of these books. If you care to read the book-posts, bring a bottle and a book recommendation. The bottle can be big. The Chapters must be little (I really am not joking).

I’m off the bed now, not wanting to be the last one to leave this Book Night party. With that, all that remains left to be said is a Happy Birthday Bill, and a Happy Reading to All and to All a Good World Book Night.


*Assuming I finish it in time!

5 thoughts on “My Blatherings, The Bard and World Book Night

  1. Soraya Cotwal says:

    Really enjoyed that post and what a great idea. Got me immediately thinking about what books I’d share and as I scrolled down your list I had to laugh as the first one that sprung to mind was a Judy Blume one and there was one on your list! Anyway you’ve given me food for thought and a challenge (and we all love a challenge) so will be back with my suggestions for you. And completely understand about the lack of full on reading. I devoured books pre motherhood and six years on have only just really got back into the swing of it though like you it’s got to be manageable. Thanks for the post and let the search into the recesses of my mind begin…


  2. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful idea! I’m looking forward to reading how those books have influenced your life. Most of my reading is done on my commute, so I’m with you on short chapters. I really enjoy collections of short stories–jhumpa lahiri’s interpreter of maladies is excellent, as is Alice Munro’s Too Much Happiness (a dark collection, though.) I’ll admit I’m a fan of young adult stuff because it’s easier to pick up and put down at will. I’m currently working on The Book Thief. Happy reading!


  3. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Fab idea! Looking forward to reading your regular posts about books that have influenced you throughout your life. If you have not read The Perfume, by Suskind, it is a good one! x


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