Lost Voices Part III: Liberation

She faces the kitchen window that sits over the steel-grey sink. Her three, small children play around her feet.

With her hands plunged into the soapy, warm water she looks intently ahead at the smudged glass. She grabs a cloth and gives the window a clean. She smiles at the sight of the lush foliage that she can now see clearly from where she stands.

She turns her attention to the programme she is listening to on the radio. Another kerfuffle between various powerful people, all sounding the same but idiotically pronouncing their alleged differences. What they say amuses her. Although she must admit, what they fail to acknowledge is a tad irritating.

Keen to move on with her day, she switches stations to something upbeat, and sends a quick tweet on the subject that was being debated on the previous channel. Three strangers agree with her. It’s nice to know she’s not alone! She tips the dirty water down the sink. The last of its dancing bubbles slosh merrily out of sight.

She turns the cheerful tune up on the radio. She runs fresh water and quickly finished the pots.  She grins, in response to the small victory in the kitchen and the small victory on twitter. It’s so nice when people listen.

Contentment floods through her.

She realises that during her distraction, the din from her three small boys has become deafening. How did that happen? Perhaps the high tempo tune on the radio buoyed them up a little too much!

She asks them to be quiet, but she is muffled by their hullaballoo.

“Shut up and listen to me”, she laughs, amusement creasing the corners of her hazel eyes.

Surprised, the little cherub faces freeze, discombobulated by her random delight at the situation. The sensitive one laughs with her, enjoying her joy.  The toddler runs out of the room, screaming and weeing all over the stained rug. “How liberating!.”, he seems to say.

The outspoken one stands tall in the middle of the kitchen floor and shouts back as loudly as she is laughing,

“You. Are so. LOUD”

“I am, aren’t I”, she agrees, her eyes sparkling. “Now, shall we stop being quite so loud and sit down while you tell me what’s wrong?”

The children are all of them silenced. This silence is welcome.  She realises their fury will erupt again, but not for a while. Now, they are happy to explain to her how they feel.

She is quiet as she listens. It seems, in her silence, she has found her voice.

This post is part III of a three part series. You can find Part I: Frustration here ,and Part II: Apathy here. It has been written in response to the WordPress 101 writing challenge.

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