Right here. Right now:

Tap tap tap tap.

Gentle ryhthmic typing.






Tap tap tap.

Hear me. Hello. Hear me. Hello. I am here. I am here now.

Tap tap tap tap

tap tap tap tap.

got to pack


got to wash up


got to relax. got to enjoy.

Want to love want to play want to dance want to sing want to write want to clap want to be heard.

Right now

Goldilocks and the three bears can wait.

Home insurance can wait.

tap tap tap tap tap tap

tick tock tick tock

I am here. Right now. Hear me. Hear me now.

Ignore the muck and the grime and the flies and the chaos and the mess and type type type type.

Say nothing.

Speak loudly.

Think louder.

tick tock tick tock tick tock.

Gather round. See me here. Hear me.

Dance. Laugh. Enjoy. Eat. Drink. Be more than merry. Be larger than life. You are life.

I am alive.

Is this it?

This post was brought to you by the¬†penultimate WordPress 101¬†writing challenge, two large glasses of sauvignon blanc, the Gossip, and Cogito Ergo Mum’s present state of mind. Right here. Right now.

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