From a long hot summer to very cold feet

Over the long summer break, routine went out of the window to be replaced with camping trips, PJ days and too many ice creams.

Before he broke up from school, the eldest was asked by his teacher to keep a scrap-book. It was presented as a way to create a keep sake of our holidays together. It was a cover to encourage him to continue to write every now and then.

Writing is such a new skill for him. He needs to keep up the practice or, to return to it cold, will be a big shock to his system.

He did it, begrudgingly. He loves scrap books, drawing, and is also enthralled by the glimpse of the new world that reading and writing are opening up for him. However, the scrap-book reminded him of school. He needed some time off. We all did.

In my wisdom, I thought a break from blogging would do me good too. Indeed a break from the mechanics of blogging, and the infinite perusal of the blogs of others, has been welcome.

I did, however, have this nagging awareness that I ought to keep writing here and there. I have made a few half-hearted attempts, but nothing much has been committed to either paper or screen.

My eldest did, under my gentle nudging, keep up the writing habit. I did not.

And here we are, one day left until a new term starts. The eldest seems prepared for his return. I, on the other had, am back to square one.

So here is me, dipping a very cold toe back into blogging waters.


If I get moving, things should warm up again soon. Right?


6 thoughts on “From a long hot summer to very cold feet

  1. Clare Flourish says:

    What she said. And- with blogging, you can work really hard at the writing, crafting sentences and considering your rhetorical devices, or you can just write as you might talk to a friend, complete with er and um. So it needn’t be too much like hard work.

    Oh drat. I’ve missed putting the bin out again.


    • Abby Boid says:

      Thank you Clare. Getting back into the swing of it. Finding more and more friends in virtual world so expect a few more ers and ums here and there.
      PS don’t talk to me about the bins! Aarrgghh


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