How To Be A Parent: What They Tell You

Abby Boid





They tell us…..

You want your children to happy.

You want your children to be good.

You want them to be healthy.

You want them to have the best education

You want your child to be the best they can be.

You want them to be safe and secure.

You want them to love you and to be loved.

You just wants what’s best for them.

…..and we think that sounds pretty sensible

And then they ask….

How can you be sure they will be happy as they grow up?

How can you be sure they will be good?

Is that food going to make them healthy?

How do you know your local school is good enough?

Have you considered all you could do to enable your child to develop a little quicker, a little better?

How do you know they are safe when you aren’t there? Are you there enough? Are there safer places they could be?

How do they know you love them?

Are you doing your best?

…..and we think that these sound pretty valid questions. Because they are, aren’t they? And perhaps you try to answer them. And in doing so, perhaps you start to feel a little uncertain that you are doing the right thing, a little doubtful that you are up to the job, a little fearful that you might ruin their lives.

And then they pounce and they tell you….

Buy them this, it will make them happy.

Read my book, I’ll show you how to ensure they are good.

Follow my fad and  you’ll all be healthier.

Vote for me, I’ll make your local school better.

Join my club, we’ll help them be better.

Don’t take risks. Don’t trust others. Just trust me.

Do what I say and they’ll  know that you love them.

We just want what’s best for them. And if you do too, you’ll do what we say.

But the advice conflicts and contradicts and seems to be more about attracting profit, and votes and headlines than really helping you.

And you are just left feeling flat. Or anxious. Or alone. Or a failure.

And you feel like you are not the best parent you could be.

But you are. You are practically perfect. Just ask Mary Poppins



For a blog that challenges assumptions, and a blogger that challenges me (in a good way!), check out  Clare Flourish

Here is an extract from her about page

“My name is Clare, and I am interested in Life. Whatever is human, I find it fascinating, and want to understand it and feel with it.”

This post is part of the NaNoWriMo challenge. If you enjoy it, please share.

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