Thought-food store cupboard essentials: Ethics

Ethics: “A study of the concepts and principles that underlie our evaluation of human behaviour. How ought we to behave?” A preface to philosophy: Mark B Woodhouse. 5th Edition
Parenting examples of ethical theories in action:
The categorical imperative parent: “Why? Because I said so!”
The social contract parent: “Here are the rules, which you may recall we sat down and agreed upon but one day ago. Here is the naughty step, for breakers of the rules. Here is the sticker chart for good rule followers.”
The utilitarian parent: “Be quiet. Your father and I are watching telly. There are more of us than you. And we are bigger. And therefore more people are happy if you are quiet.| (may not apply to larger families.)
Consequential parenting: “Don’t do that. You are making Mummy sad. The consequence of your actions is therefore not so good”.
The virtue theory parent: “Don’t write on the walls. Only horrid people write on the walls. We don’t want you to be a horrid person. we want you to be a virtuous person”
The ‘Rights’ parent: “Don’t you go telling my little Jonny what to do. It’s his human right to [INSERT HIDEOUS SOCIAL FAUX PAS HERE]”.

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