WE WANT MORE. Featuring Socrates and Plato on twitter.

I’ve been thinking lately about about needs versus wants. There’s that feeling that if we just focused on what we needed rather than what we wanted, the world would be a happier place for all of us, including our children. I, however, I am not sure that is true.

A twitter conversation between Socrates and Plato

Socrates @nononothing: Went to Waitrose today. They’d run out of hummus. Arrggh
Plato @onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Nooooo. Pub doesn’t serve real ale. #carslbergtasteslikepiss
@onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Forgot to record Country file. FAIL.
@onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Country File replaced with #MiSWiF (Made-In-Somewhere-With-Farmers)
@onform: #ratingsproblem.
@nononothing: Ha.

@nonothing: library closed. Mrs missed rhyme time. Boo.
@onform: tell her to get a job and buy her own books.  #scroungerproblem.

@nononothing: just lost job in city 4 being annoying bastard.
@onform: OMGOMGOMG Ps #middleclassproblem.
@nononothing: ???
@onform: OK #notjustmiddleclassproblem But still, just getta job!
@onform: PS #firstworldproblem

@nononothing: got a new fixed term contract at bank. Yey

@nononothing: local A&E threatened with closure.
@onform: #firstworldproblem
@nononothing: Seriously Plato?
@onform: #firstworldmodernday problem at that.

@nononothing:never see kids – work such long hours. Sad face
@onform #middleclassmoaningbastardneverhappyproblem.

@nononothing: fixed term contract ended. Can’t play bills
@onform: #benefitsproblem
@nononothing: Oh fuck off Plato.
@onform: #irrationalproblem?

@nononothng: don’t feel well. No lemsip
@onform: #manfluproblem?

@nononothing: frothing at  mouth. Suspect hemlock poisoning
@onform: Shame they shut that A&E. LOL

@onform: Seriously, bummer. Any last requests?
@nononothing: A real ale and a hummus sandwich! YOU DICK HEAD.

@onform: Old acquaintance died today. I feel a bit sad now.
@themasses: FFS Plato #gotourownproblems #notourproblem #welikeourcave

6 thoughts on “WE WANT MORE. Featuring Socrates and Plato on twitter.

  1. barblane1984 says:

    This is so good! I love how you address a real problem – need vs. want – but do it in such a funny way! Just started following your blog, but I love it. Going to share this on my FB page. Think it is good reading for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. authorbengarrido says:

    ” And so this wealth is often used to utterly undermine arguments for wanting more for our children – we’ve got enough already.”

    I wonder how much of this comes down to the seeming truism that while material wellbeing is not a zero sum game, status is.


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