What do we want? More!

Featuring Socrates and Plato on twitter.

Socrates @nononothing: Went to Waitrose today. They’d run out of hummus. Arrggh
Plato @onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Nooooo. Pub doesn’t serve real ale. #carslbergtasteslikewee
@onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Forgot to record Country file. FAIL.
@onform: #middleclassproblem

@nononothing: Country File replaced with #MiSWiF (Made-In-Somewhere-With-Farmers)
@onform: #ratingsproblem.
@nononothing: Ha.

@nonothing: library closed. Mrs missed rhyme time. Boo.
@onform: tell her to get a job and buy her own books.  #scroungerproblem.

@nononothing: just lost job in city 4 being annoying.
@onform: OMGOMGOMG Ps #middleclassproblem.
@nononothing: ???
@onform: Just getta job!
@onform: PS #firstworldproblem

@nononothing: got a new fixed-term contract at bank. Yey

@nononothing: local A&E threatened with closure.
@onform: #firstworldproblem
@nononothing: Seriously Plato?
@onform: #firstworldmodernday problem at that.

@nononothing: never see kids – work such long hours. Sad face
@onform #neverhappyproblem.

@nononothing: fixed-term contract ended. Can’t pay bills
@onform: #benefitsproblem
@nononothing: Beggar off Plato.
@onform: #irrationalproblem?

@nononothng: don’t feel well. No lemsip
@onform: #manfluproblem?

@nononothing: frothing at the mouth. Suspect hemlock poisoning
@onform: Shame they shut that A&E. LOL

@onform: Seriously, bummer. Any last requests?
@nononothing: A real ale and a hummus sandwich!

@onform: Old acquaintance died today. I feel a bit sad now.
@themasses:  #gotourownproblems #welikeourcave

6 thoughts on “What do we want? More!

  1. barblane1984 says:

    This is so good! I love how you address a real problem – need vs. want – but do it in such a funny way! Just started following your blog, but I love it. Going to share this on my FB page. Think it is good reading for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. authorbengarrido says:

    ” And so this wealth is often used to utterly undermine arguments for wanting more for our children – we’ve got enough already.”

    I wonder how much of this comes down to the seeming truism that while material wellbeing is not a zero sum game, status is.


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