How to be a Parent: Don’t waste your breath

Abby BoidParents of the world, can’t here yourself think? Think louder!

Can’t hear yourself speak? Then why waste your breath?

Wait for a quieter time to get those words out and, when that time comes, use those words wisely.

In the spirit of choosing my words wisely, I’m going to link to some posts I have written over the last year that fit in nicely with this NaNoWriMo challenge. No point repeating myself by typing all these thoughts out anew.



Firstly, here’s an idea as to  how we should broach the issue of sex with the kids. My thoughts are that we all of us need a bit more sex-talk in our lives. But what we need are the facts, not the dangerous, unsettling fiction. Have a read, see what you think.

Like talking about sex, talking about money is something we need to do more of, not less. How do you tackle talking about the finances in your family? Let me know.

It is my view that kids need proper education around sex and money. But what is the best environment in which to educate our offspring?  How do you choose the best school for your children? How about putting yourself at the centre of the decision? Sound good?

One hugely important factor when choosing our kids’ school was whether or not we could walk there. The school run getting you down? After spending 20 minutes this morning getting three small waterproofs onto three small boys, I feel your pain. However, I am utterly evangelical about the wonders of being able to walk to school. Here is why.

Utterly evangelical about walking – yes. About religion? Not so much. Given that, here is a moral dilemma I faced when asked to be a Godparent. Did I do the right thing? Let me know.

Moving from God, to people who think they are Gods, it is probably worth sharing my views on our political system.

Historically, my political views have tended to fall left of centre. However, voting for the party that I thought represented me resulted in crushing disappointment and, I believe, political apathy in a large chunk of the current electorate. Here is how I got to feeling that way.

On a far jollier note, here is a potential solution to the apathy problem. It involves asking the Queen to run for election. All in favour, say I!

In all seriousness, I believe we should take great pride in the fact that we have a political system that really can be engaging and really can matter. Whatever your view on the outcome, the process that got us to the independence vote in Scotland was truly electrifying. Here are my reflections on what happened.



Should any of these posts be promoted as ‘the way’ when it comes to parenting? Categorically no.

But on those days when you can’t hear yourself speak, remember it might be a little easier to find a little space in which to hear yourself think.

Don’t waste your breath shouting above the noise, just think louder.

If you do get a moment, let me know what you think. Who knows, perhaps together we can make ourselves heard!

One thought on “How to be a Parent: Don’t waste your breath

  1. sabretoothedchickenstour says:

    Good post. Building on the idea of focus. We all need to decide what to focus on. In order to do that we need to have an idea about what we want for life and what we want for our children. I think as we become more mature in age and more experienced as parents that focus becomes clearer. Always open to improvement and change but heading somewhere confidently is the goal. Nothing worse than people who just let everyone else make the decisions for them and their kids.

    Yes, we are lucky, lucky people in so may ways.

    Wonderful to read your thoughts. Mostly I concur, especially in regard to teaching your children about finances. We currently have a bead system in conjunction with a Chore Jar – it is working wonders.

    Keep going Abby. You are doing great!


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