I. Love. London.

On Friday, fate delivered me to London.

I. Love. London.

Myself and five other bloggers were invited to meet with minister Sam Gyimah at the Department of Education.

Turns out that writing about what happened in meetings with politicians in a captivating and insightful way is really hard. Which is a shame, because in all honesty, it was a captivating and insightful experience.

Fortunately, one of the bloggers there is also a pretty amazing journalist. While I work out what I want to say about the day, head over to Emma Lee Potter’s website to see her summary of the events. Then come back here, get over how clunky my writing still is when compared to the professionals, and read the rest of this post.


After the one hour meeting in the capital, I spent much of the day walking by the river. As I walked, I bumped into vivid memories, crushing disappointments, and new dreams.

The emotions that swept through me, and that I always encounter whenever I visit London, were empowering, deflating, and utterly enchanting. Kind of like parenting, don’t you think?

From a comfortable distance, everything before you glitters with tantalising possibility. When up close, though, that sparkle is something you can only catch glimpses of amongst the more concrete reality of the experience.

That iridescent twinkle is none the worse for being intermingled with this reality. In fact, it’s the juxtaposition that makes little moments so beautiful and so vivid.

As you walk, you pass close to hundreds of people so similar to you, yet so distant. This isolation on a crowded street can leave a feeling of crushing emptiness. So much so that a smile in the catch-of-an-eye can scar your mind, becoming a treasured memory or a life long friend.

There’s enough fuel around here to feed the fire of your imagination for all eternity. A gush of wind from an unexpected direction can cause your ideas to spread like wildfire, or extinguish them entirely.

You dream of pencil skirts, sculpted jackets and high-rise heals. You know, in your more rational mind, that the challenges ahead will be better met wearing comfortable trousers and flats.

The enormity of just being here creates its own gravity. The experience sucks you in. Your universe shrinks, and everything revolves around ‘this’. It’s an immense force that town has. It makes you feel tiny.

There’s enough choices to satisfy every appetite. It’s odd how you are always left hungry for more.

It energises you. You’re shattered.

It’s resented. You need it.

It is constant.

It is flux.

It is flawed.

It is perfect.

It’s life.

It’s London.

It’s being a Mum.

It’s being me….

…and I love it.



8 thoughts on “I. Love. London.

  1. gluestickmum says:

    I love London too. I think it’s the opportunities and the constant flow. (Although I hate how it eats time so that if I have an appointment my heart starts to palpitate as we pull into Kings Cross.) A day there with time to spare is heaven.


    • Abby Boid says:

      Thank you for your very encouraging comment. Great to meet you too. It was a bizarre and brilliant day, and I hope another opportunity to do something similar crops up soon. If it does, I’ll see you there 😉


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