Things that surprised me about 2014…..

… no particular order:

That you all liked Ed Sheeran.

That I liked Taylor Swift.

That breast is best. Unless you are in Claridges.

How much I was saddened by the deaths of Tony Benn and Bob Crow and Peaches Geldof

How great politics can be. Thank you Scotland.

How terrible politics might become. Thank you UKIP.

How furious the words, “Keep Calm and” could make one woman feel.

That this speech disappointed feminists.

That because that speech disappointed feminists but I liked it, that I now question if I am a good enough woman to be classed as a feminist.

How naive I was in my vague belief that somebody somewhere knew the location of all airborne aircraft at any given time.



That they took our girls, let alone failed to bring them back.

How far off we are from having a game of football with those we are at war with.

How well my middlest would settle into school.

That  I met education minister Sam Gyimah and have still not been able to find the words to write a punchy blog post about it.

That ‘little’ people can still make a massive difference. Thank you E15 mums.

What a relief it was when I could declare all my children nappy free.

How much time you spend in a toilet when you take your nappy-free kids to a museum.

How life is better if you listen to radio 3 in the morning and the awesome radio 6 at all other times. Craig Charles Funk and Soul? Yes please!

How cleaning is slightly more palatable if you wear a tiara whilst doing it.

That we all did the ice bucket challenge. That I’ve just realised I never donated any money. That I can’t remember the charity we did it for. Please help – who do I donate to?

That four of my bestest friends having gorgeous babies did not make me broody.

That someone thought this post was offering serious parenting advice (and that the aforementioned post got Freshly Pressed – thank you WordPress)

That I’d attempt NaNoWriMo….

…..and fail epically…..

……but still love the blogging.

Here’s to you, to 2015, and whatever it may bring.

Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “Things that surprised me about 2014…..

  1. gluestickmum says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes! It was a weird year really, 2014. Global/national/economic/political sadness, personal joy (not about the same topics – to be joyous about ebola and Rolf, etc would be very wrong, especially if they’d affected me personally).
    I liked Emma Watson’s speech too. I think that makes us better feminists rather than worse, because if you’re the sort of person who complains about it you make feminism alienating and divisive, which is the last thing feminism needs really.
    Here’s hoping UKIP are kicked to the kerb come the elections…but that the Tories are too. I don’t suppose there’s any chance of everyone being so split by right-wing options and Labour/Lib-Dem looking so dubious also that the Greens take everything? Caroline Lucas is the only MP I’ve heard who makes sense.


    • Abby Boid says:

      I am hearing so many of us look towards the greens. Perhaps that will be the way I turn. My main voting strategy is to not let UKIP in. However, many of us tried voting strategically last time and I am not sure that got us very far at all.
      Thanks for your comments on feminism – makes me feel a little better.
      And thanks for popping by and commenting now and then throughout 2014. Hope to chat more during 2015.
      Happy new year.

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      • gluestickmum says:

        My dilemma with the Election is that a friend is standing in my constituency and she’d be a kick-ass MP…but she’s standing for a party that I wouldn’t vote for overall. Tough decision, although I doubt my fretting will count for much as we’re in a Tory stronghold.
        PS Thanks back at you for writing such a fab blog.

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  2. weebluebirdie says:

    I think the first time I came across your blog you were in the midst of debate with person who thought the post was genuine parenting advice – it got quite heated!! Have to disagree with you about the referendum. As one of the 45%, I knew all the promises of Westminster would quickly dissipate. There are many, many reasons why “yes” was the way to go. Although I was torn between heart and head, it was the Kid who made me realise it was worth taking a chance on the unknown – he said it was important for his future. Must listen to Emma Watson, see what the fuss is!!

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    • Abby Boid says:

      I think the thing I liked about the referendum is that we all of us had an opinion, that we discussed it, and that the discussions were both heated and civil. It gave me a little hope….although perhaps not enough – I take your point on that.
      Enjoy the Emma Watson clip and do let me know what you think.
      Thanks for commenting and popping by the blog now and again.
      Happy new year.


      • weebluebirdie says:

        Hope is good! And I am immensely proud of the vast numbers who registered to vote and the turn out was incredible. The test will be how the elections go in May.

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  3. pjmcc2014 says:

    Excellent summary of some key highlights, what surprised me most, particularly living in Northern Ireland and having a vested interest, was the referendum vote. Really brought some much needed energy back into the political domain, for the right reasons..


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