An Open Letter in Response To An Open Letter From Big Business About The General Election

Dear Sirs (and Madams, one assumes)

We are the electorate in the UK. We believe this Conservative-led Government, and any other Government who may come into power, should stop this sickening love-in with Big Business. 

It was most interesting to be informed via a letter from 103 people in the Daily Telegraph, that David Cameron and George Osborne’s flagship policy of progressively lowering Corporation Tax to 20% has been important in showing the UK is open for business. It has, no doubt, been a key part of the coalition’s economic plan. However doesn’t this define ‘economic plan’ in the narrowest of terms? 

If our economy is growing and more jobs are being created, that sounds pretty good to us. A sincere thank you to the entrepreneurs and keen business minds who keep many of us in employment. But please, when writing letters that are going to be used by the politicians and the Press to influence our votes, be mindful of questions such as these:

  • As the economy grows, is the wealth divide reducing?
  • As more jobs are created, are more people being encouraged to leave their desks on time, to get paid for the overtime they tend to give for free, to flourish at work not succumb to stress related illnesses?
  • Do all the new jobs created pay a living wage?
  • Does the average income allow the average family to afford a home based upon average house prices?
  • Is this progress coming on the back of child labour oversees or on UK based staff forever fearful of losing their job unfairly?
  • Are we using this greater wealth to make this Country great for all, via a wonderful health, education, local community and transport infrastructure? Or do all roads (and train lines) really just lead to an elite few in central London?
  • Are you using the power that you have responsibly? Is it right to use your position in society to attempt to influence the outcome of an election?

Because really, there can be employment for all and growth going through the roof, but if politicians perceive the support of big business leaders as more important than the support of the rest of us, democracy is going to break. We will all be a little poorer for that.

We believe a change in course in how politicians deal with big business, such as putting the majority of the electorate first, rather than running around like headless chickens licking the backside of the 103 people who are encouraged to believe that their opinions matter more than most, that this would be a step in the right direction.

 This would send a positive message about Britain and the election campaign that we are all monitoring eagerly.


Just an undecided voter, and a (Cogito Ergo) Mum

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