Misguided Attempts to Return to Work. Opportunity number 1. The wedding.

So, it wasn’t an interview at such?

No. It was more a chat. A chat about an opportunity.

At a wedding?

At a wedding.

Was  it a good wedding?

A great wedding. There were canapés.

How very civilised.

And champagne. Lots of champagne.

Oh lovely. That brings back memories of life-pre-kids! Shame your old boss was there to spoil it all really.

Well that was my first reaction. But I went up to him. gave him a big hello. No point holding a grudge, at least not while at a wedding.

Definitely not at a wedding.

And it was nice! Nice to talk about something aside from family life. It was a really good conversation.

Over canapés and champagne!


But definitely not an interview?

No. I know that. But he did sound very genuine. Very keen. It was all worked out. She goes off on mat leave. I take over. Slot into a role. A little  junior than before. Less well paid. Should be good. Should be interesting. 

Don’t I know her?

Yes, yes you do. She was on your team for a while I think?

do know her. Wasn’t she 3 grades beneath you?

Well yes.Yes she was. She was very good though. It should be good for me, don’t you think? Ease me back in. Keep an eye on the work life balance. Less pressure.

Less pressure? Maybe. It will definitely be less pay. Is it less hours than before?

I’m not sure. She’s full time. I was 28 hours a week. It’s a really flexible company though. I could do a bit here. A bit there. Slot it around the kids.

Something will have to give Abby. 35 hours are 35 hours.

I’m sure we could arrange something. He’s got kids. He understands.

He got you to sign a piece of paper 5 years ago saying you were made redundant.

Which I wasn’t.

Which you certainly weren’t.

But still, while it was upsetting at the time it was all quite lucrative in the end.

Well yes, but….

When you look at it from a certain angle, I was pretty luck really. All that time at home with the kids. But 5 years later, the money has run out now.

I guess, but….

Look… I’ve got more kids now, not less. He clearly  knows the score. He approached me, remember? It’s all water under the bridge. It sounded really positive.

But it wasn’t an interview?

No.  But it was definitely a chat. A definite chat about a potential opportunity.

At a wedding

Over canapés. 

You mentioned that. How did you end the conversation?

Well, he came over a bit wobbly. Must have been all the champagne. And then the conga started so it was quite hard to hear him as we made our way around the marquee. Actually, there is a rumour that shortly afterwards he had a huge argument with his wife and that he was seen crying near the toilets. Assumably the champagne must have really gone to his head. But I’m pretty sure he said he’ll be in touch! So yes, it could be good. It could work out. It could be a great opportunity.




He won’t be in touch


I  know.




On the plus side, it wasn’t me that went home upset this time!


And i got my champagne.


And the right things’s just around the corner, right?


And it is. Isn’t it?

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