Whatever you think of Jeremy Corbyn, things may have finally got better

A Mum wishes many things for her kids: happiness, health, love, wealth.

Something that is less often stated, but no less often desired, is for our children to grow up into adults who believe that they can make a difference, that their opinions matter, and that their views count.

After years of having our political views seemingly fall upon deaf ears, my faith in my ability to make a difference when it comes to how the country is governed has been shattered: we marched against the rapid closure of key industries – they closed anyway; we marched against the invasion of Iraq – we invaded anyway; some of us voted for Labour in 1997, and were left feeling that somehow the Conservatives had still won anyway.

The frustrations of my generation were, I feared, destined to be passed down as apathy to the next. Now, I feel hopeful that my fears were unfounded.

Many of us are delighted that Corbyn leads the Labour party. Many of us are terrified. Most of us have an opinion, that in itself is progress.

Those of us who danced in the streets when Blair ousted the Tories may have mixed views: we know it could go wrong. But this feels a little different. This feels less a victory for Corbyn, or his team, or any political party. This feels like a victory for democracy.

People got involved. People voted. As a result, the political landscape has changed.

I cannot say with confidence whether a Corbyn victory is good or bad for Labour. If you read all the articles flying about, you can see that not even seasoned political commentators can agree upon that.

What I can say is that democracy is stronger, that my faith in it is stronger, and that my belief that ordinary people can make a difference is being restored.

This is something I will pass on to my kids in my actions, my thoughts and my words.

For any parent with dreams for their children, that’s one hell of a result. Isn’t it?


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