Safe: Halloween Flash Fiction

 She wore her skirt short. She was tempting.

She covered herself. She was terrifying.

She walked alone. She tormented.

She walked with others. She threatened.

She smiled at you. She was dangerous.

She looked away. She was cold.

She laughed out loud. She cackled.

She stayed quiet. She was calculating.

She expressed discontent. She was mad.

She expressed opinions. She was cruel.

She tried to be like you. She was crude.

She tried to be different. She was a temptress.

She cured you. She was magical.

She hurt you. She was evil.

She bled and gave head and gave pleasure and endured pain and fed from the breasts that you longed to touch and this shape shifter, this trickster, this unfathomable beautiful monster repelled you.

But you wanted her.

So you took her.

You kept her.

You kept her safe.

Now there is nothing to be afraid of.

Is there?

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