What my Mother taught me: a poem

A poem for Mothers’ day

Mum didn’t teach me baking skills
She didn’t lead me to the sink
She kept me close without the apron strings
She taught me how to think

She taught me if I shaved my legs
I’d need eternal depilation
She taught me even without cash
I deserved an education

She taught me Christmas smells of oranges
And Chanel number 5
She taught me when problems  block your way
Onwards stubbornly you strive

You may worry about the little things
But on the big stuff, show no fear
She taught that if your friends are close to you
Your enemies disappear

She taught me about Bob Dylan,
And Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits
She taught me that no-one’s too tough
For a smacker on the lips

She taught me everything’s a diet food
If dunked in cottage cheese
She taught me mindlessly complying
Is not the only way to please

She taught me all a woman needs to do
To drive narrow-minded folk beserk
Is to wear a Meatloaf t-shirt
Rather than a pleated skirt

She taught me caring for the vulnerable’s
A happy duty, not a choice
She taught me if you have an articulate gob
You give those scared to speak a voice

She taught me sometimes, those with power
Try treating mothers like they’re scum
And she’s taught them, and me, as I now teach my kids
You never mess with Mum

Happy mother’s day Mum. Love you lots, Abby. PS I wish I’d listened on the leg shaving bit. xxx


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