We Don’t Need No Department of Education

What mother's teach their children

When it comes to education, we don’t need no politicians.

We don’t need no thought control.

This thought control invariably takes the form of FUD-ing:

F-ear  U-ncertainty   D-oubt        

  • Fear is instilled in you that your child is behind his or her peers, not fulfilling potential, not employable, not able to compete with someone from China.
  • Uncertainty looms in your mind as to the best way to turn.
  • Doubt seeds are planted that sprout into concerns about the ability of your local schools, teachers, even yourself to Do The Best for your child.

But never fear, the politicians are here, telling you how wrong it is to start a sentence with ‘But’, and how they and their chums can save your child from near certain doom.

All we need to do is raise standards, strip out waste, get in people ‘who can’.

It all makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it? You know, get in the men with the nice shiny suits and a marketing budget rather than that teacher who can barely find time to brush her hair because she is too busy caring about our children.

What bollocks.

I’ve given up caring about all these relentless changes thrown at my small children by politicians claiming to know what’s best. Now I’m focussing on what I know is best, not what I’m told to think.

Life is short but to do it well you need to remember the journey is long. It’s best to enjoy the ride rather than miss the views because you are practicing your spellings on your Mum’s iPad.


Nah – that’s not for me. Instead we’ll be remembering life isn’t just about reciting times tables. It’s also about having a passion for what we do, health – mental and physical, resilience, friendships, virtues, self expression, empathy. Love.

Perhaps most important is that we teach kids to understand the importance of true democracy and the place education can have in supporting it.

If enough people don’t want the changes, the changes don’t have to happen. When did we all unlearn that?

It is this that we need to teach our children. It is this that we need them to learn.

We don’t need no department of education.

We don’t need no Fud-ingy thought control.


We need kids that can navigate any politically motivated hazards they may come across in the world, including in the classroom.

We need politicians to leave our kids alone.






3 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Department of Education

  1. navasolanature says:

    Wow! Put this on Change.Org or somewhere. This government has done its best to dismantle a good enough education system and now the head of Ofsetd is worried about academies and accountability. I totally agree the politicians and their ideologies about education need to be kept out of the system but I fear now there will be worse accountability. You are doing the best for your kids and I live the bit about the spellings on the iPad and missing the view!


  2. Lucy says:

    Cheering along wholeheartedly! This, after all, is the department who think every school should be better than average. Showing that, at the very least, they should not be allowed anywhere near the maths curriculum! My mission is to teach my son to love learning, not worry about test scores…but it’s a shame he is unlikely to learn this in school


  3. maddy@writingbubble says:

    Yes, yes, yes to this post! We went to our 6 year old’s parent evening the other week and his teachers showed us the example papers of the tests he’ll be sitting soon. RI-FUDGING-DICULOUS! Five thick papers: two maths ones (a sums one and ‘reasoning’ paper which involved things like “Janet has 17 rabbits. She puts 3 rabbits in the garden and they eat 2 carrots. 5 rabbits eat 8 power cables and the resulting powercut causes 12 catastrophes. How many carrots were left? Show your working”) a writing one, a reading comprehension one and a grammar one all about past participles or something. We looked at the papers. We looked at his teachers. His teachers looked at us. Then we all agreed it was a load of utter bollocks and these are kids and what on earth do the government think they are doing?! So the teachers are on the side of reason but the government seems intent on driving them all out of the profession. Rant, rant…


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