20 Years of hurt: A poem for Euro 2016

A poem for 2016 that fell on deaf ears *sigh*

20 years of hurt
And I’m still sat here reeling
After Euro ’96
Football stopped appealing

Fat cats took the dentist chairs
Hiked up the season tickets
Sold fancy seats to corporates
The rest of us could stick it

The players threw their toys out
Always wanting more
Forgetting all they really need’s
A goalpost and a ball

Yet while Psycho’s belting penalty
Feels like a distant dream
There’s still a hope I cling to –
A glorious England Team

A team of men of passion
Of grit and fun, with pluck
Not boys who moan and simper, no,
Men I’d like to share a pint with

And yes we’d like to win
But there is something we want more:
We want what we got in ’96:
To hear those 3 lions roar

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