Rainbows. A poem

A poem about why we need to change how we look at things when we would like to see a rainbow.

The little boy looked frightened
As he stared in to the mist
“I was looking for a rainbow, Mum
But I don’t think they exist”

“I asked a man to find me one
He was mean and laughed and said,
“Rainbows, my son, aren’t really real
They’re tricks inside your heads”

“They’re optical illusions, son
They’re trickery, not truth
Don’t go chasing rainbows, son
Dreaming’s the folly of the youth”

The Mum sat down beside her child
And gently clasped his hand
“There’s something about rainbows, love
Not many understand”

“Some people believe rainbows come
When sunshine hits the rain
But there’s something else a rainbow needs,
Sit quietly, I’ll explain”

“Rainbows, my love, need three things
To exist, not only two
They need sun and rain and most of all
A little boy like you”

“When darkness looms and rain beats down
There are cracks where light gets through
And through eyes of hope, not fear my love,
A rainbow will find you”

“So what I’m trying to say is this –
Rainbows are beautiful and true
Rainbows are everywhere my love
To be freed, they just need you”

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