EU Referendum: Please leave us in Peace

When we’re at tomorrow
When it’s time to vote
Please vote and make a choice
Not based on fear
But hope

It doesn’t feel like the best time ever to be a Mum.

Terror. Fear.  Mindless violence in the name of causes that seem more senseless with each passing day.

Even without last week’s sickening events permeating our every waking thought, we still have that unnerving feeling that we will be the first generation in a while to give our kids less than we had: less cash, less public services, less health and less education.

It’s against this backdrop that we are meant to make a calm, rational decision about what side to choose tomorrow. Tomorrow  when we will be asked to make what increasingly feels like one of the most important decisions we have ever been asked to make.

More unnerving still is that despite having more information available to us than ever before, many of us just still don’t feel that knowledgable on the subject: we still don’t really know the ‘right’ answer to this question. The truth seems perpetually hidden behind smoke and mirrors.

So I’ve stopped reading. I’ve stopped listening. And I’ve decided instead to put to good use my Mum skills.
Abby Boid

As a Mum my talents are many and varied and include problem solving, dispute resolution and the provision of hope and calm to frustrated individuals who can sometimes see only blind fury, rage and how unfair life is: kids.

More often than not I’ve lost the will to listen to the whys and what-for of these squabbles in our own home. More often than not it’s impossible to find out ‘the truth’.

You quickly realise that all shouts of ‘it’s so unfair’ can be placated by ensuring the Chupa Chups are shared out equally. Who doesn’t want a fair share of the Chupa Chups?

But sometimes there just aren’t enough sweets to go around and sometimes you just want the bickering and the fighting and the lies and the crying to stop. So you ignore the lot of them and send them to separate rooms.

And I think that’s what I am going to do tomorrow.

I think tomorrow it’s not so much that I’ll be voting ‘remain’ but I’ll be voting ‘status quo’.

I refuse to be drawn to make a decision on what could have been such a valid, enriching debate but that instead has descended into a squabble before escalating into an excuse for provoking frustrations until they erupt in to blind rage.

I will not adjudicate over this fight. This despicable plea to our basest emotions. This insult to all of our intelligence, hard work, and our animal instinct to try to defend our own families in the face of some fictional monster.

Instead, I am sending the referendum to bed without any supper.

When you have all calmed down, when you can talk to me sensibly, when you can treat each other with respect I might listen again.

Until then, please, please just leave me in peace.




2 thoughts on “EU Referendum: Please leave us in Peace

  1. says:

    It’s been crazy and I live on the other side of the world so haven’t really seen the worst of it. I will also be voting remain – I don’t want to isolate myself from the world and this is what it will look like. I also can’t vote with Farage, Gove and Boris – three despicable men. At least the other side have a lot of people I actually respect speaking for them! But yes to the Referendum (and all who are part of it) going to bed without any supper. Hopefully they will wake up in a better mood 🙂


    • Abby says:

      Let’s hope so Clara. And yes – i do try to not vote based on personalities but i totally hear what you are saying about Farage and the likes. Thank you for commenting. And fingers crossed for calmer times ahead.

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