Christmas Jumpers: A fab morning courtesy of Oxygen Freejumping

With Christmas less than two weeks away, our three boys are bouncing off the walls with excitement.  So, when Oxygen Freejumping invited us to bounce off their walls instead, we jumped (!) at the chance. *sponsored post*

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Oxygen free jumping in Southampton is based to the East of the city, very near our home. Despite the proximity to us, we had yet to make the trip there as a family. My husband thought perhaps he was too outdoorsy for such an indoorsy jaunt. I felt the 5 year old was too small – a broken limb is not on our Christmas list. And, while I know I could do with a bit of exercise during the season of excessive consumption, I wasn’t sure my pelvic floor  would be supportive in this particular approach.

But then there we were, faced with another December day of the drizzly variety, and children who had moved from bouncing off walls to bouncing off each other. We decided to chance it.

My hubby, still not quite convinced that this was the trip for him, grabbed a newspaper to enjoy with a coffee while we were there. Likewise, I couldn’t see myself partaking in the trampolining for an hour, but I donned a sports bra just in case. We herded the cats kids best we could and off we set.

We arrived for the Little O’s 10am session, were quickly checked into our slot and merrily received our festive trampolining-friendly socks.

Little Os is a quieter session geared up to younger children, so it was perfect for the smallest. There was also plenty of fun for the 6 and 8 year old and, as we soon came to realise, the grown ups too.

Within five minutes we’d ditched the newspaper, rejoiced in the sports-bra forsight,  and embraced our hour as Christmas Jumpers.

Towards the end of the session the 5 year old proudly showed off his trampolining prowess, the 6 year old mastered mid-air dance moves, the 8 year old declared it his best day ever, and the 41 year old husband demanded I watch his ‘routine’. It was all rather impressive.

It was great family time, burning off some excitement before the big man arrives. And then the big man did arrive, and while witnessing Father Christmas on a trampoline was a slightly surreal moment, it added a certain festive charm to the morning.

The husband got his coffee eventually, but not before an hour of perfecting the aforementioned ‘routine’. The kids let him enjoy his much deserved sustenance in peace, while they wrote Christmas lists and did a bit of colouring, all laid on in the cafe area.

As for me – I sat there rejoicing in the glow of a happy family, a happy heart and – the greatest Christmas gift of all – a pelvic floor that did me proud.

There are numerous Christmas related activities happening at Oxygen in the run up to the 25th: you can check them, and the daily timetable, out here






2 thoughts on “Christmas Jumpers: A fab morning courtesy of Oxygen Freejumping

  1. josandelson says:

    Sounds like you all had a brilliant time Abbie. Clever of you to have foresight to wear a sports bra. I’d do the same if I went. Good old Santa having a bounce! A very Happy Christmas to you and yours Jo X


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