A poem about Salted Kisses

As I said. It’s a poem. About Salted Kisses.


You are waiting, dressed in your blue-green best.

I arrive, understated in contrast: navy with a splash of pink.

I approach you and you look my way, reflecting back my fragmented form;

Your gaze laps. It draws me closer.


I allow myself to walk towards you.

Jealously, warm sand grips my toes. It stings my heels.

Its tiny jagged edges dig into my soles and dampen my inclinations, then

You wash away what hurts.


I feel all of your attention as it lays upon me.

It dazzles, and I blink away its brightness and I reach for you and you steady me.

There’s a rhythm in the way you move, filling the spaces inside of me;

It makes me shiver.


Winged shadows, light refracted, darting contours all distract.

Impatiently, you reach for my hair and turn me to face you.

Breathing deep, eyes shut tight, I submerge myself in your sharp, sweet savouriness;

Salted kisses graze my skin.

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