A Poem about The Lollygagger

I am the lollygagger.

I am the lollygagger

and I can see it in your eyes:

a sauntering mum, an idle wife –

it’s all that you despise.

Is there anything less virtuous,

any path that’s less worthwhile

than  a woman prone to laziness?

If there could be a trial

I’d be hauled up for your inspection,

mocked and ridiculed,

‘look at the lollygagger.

her right to ponder? Overruled!’

Yet I know I’m on the noble path

My brood, myself – it seems we flourish.

My marriage and my sense of self?

I feed both, you’ll find us nourished.

So next time you feel unsettled

after asking what I do

and I say,

‘I’m the Lollygagger, love

I’ve found my  cause’ now think,

have you?



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