Cogito Ego Mum began somewhere around 2013. I was a SAHM who, in between #feelingblessed, was often bored and lonely.

I never had great aspirations for this blog. I never had any idea where it might take me, but where Cogito Ergo Mum led, I followed. She’s taken me to Britmums round ups, to Tots100, to guest posts. She’s gotten me featured regularly on Mumsnet’s Blog of the Day, landed me a gig as a panel member at Mumsnet’s Blogfest, and got the family and I skyped, filmed and introduced by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Bizarre.

I’ve connected with ponderers, parents, moms, mums, and Digital Mums. Via Digital Mums I completed an interesting course in online community management. The network of qualified Social Media Managers, marketing gurus, and all round fierce women that it connected me with got me back my confidence, and got me back in paid work.

Through that course,  I’ve grown a network of online local influencers, movers, and shakers and had my eyes openned as to why I love where I live. These local connections have led to work with Hampshire based artists, schools, and online platforms.

My favourite bit of the journey thus far was when my poem  about boozing was turned into a song, and featured in a theatre production somewhere in Sydney. Again, bizarre.

It’s never been primarily about the page likes, or the follower figures, or the shares. It’s been about finding a place to connect, to converse and to formulate my thoughts. Cogito Ergo Mum has done this and more; she has saved my sanity, and openned so many unexpected and exciting doors along the way.

If you’d like to learn more, to work with me, have ideas for topics you’d like me to cover here, or if you are about to embark on your own blogging or social media journey then do get in touch – I’d love to hear from you, and I’d love to help.


38 thoughts on “About

  1. BulgingButtons says:

    I’m glad to have found you and look forward to reading more of your writing. Please stop by my bit of the blogging world when you have a chance. I’m one of those crazy ones attempting both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. Madness, really.


  2. Soraya Cotwal says:

    Just followed your link from Mumsnet Blogfest thread. Haven’t read your blog yet but like the description so far. The work bit reminds me of myself when I left my job but very different reasons though still the same feelings being a mother of one and a carer of my mother with dementia. Anyway 2 years and it was the best thing every. Am sure you will live up to the challenge admirably. Look forward to reading your blog in more depth.


  3. Skub [skhoo:b] says:

    Hi Abby, I’m from the pool. About ‘blog title’, I think it’s personal. So if you really like it, stick with it and enjoy yourself. Yes, making what we like enjoyable is an art indeed. 🙂

    Since I’m already here, I’ll bring this up as well. Just checked your homepage. The loading time takes forever (tried a few times, same result). I find many pics there link to gettyimages. My point is: third party connections like this will make the loading heavier (especially if the links are aplenty). And I wonder what size your header pic is. Is it big? If so, I suggest you resize its width to no more than 640 pixels (I believe this is recommendable for the Adelle theme).

    Oh, one more thing. If your post is going to be a long one, then I guess you might want to consider using the ‘more tag’.
    Cheers! 🙂


    • Abby Boid says:

      Wow. This is such a helpful comment. Thank you for taking the time to look through and respond. I had no idea the pages took so long to load – when I check on my devices it is always so quick so I assumed it was quick for everyone else looking at it too.

      I keep meaning to introduce ‘more’ tags. I think I’ll get to that a bit quicker, given your comments.

      Thank you again

      Ps the header photo has to go. It is a ginormous picture of me and it makes me cringe every time I look at it!! Just haven’t found an image yet that sums the blog up nicely. 🙂


      • Skub [skhoo:b] says:

        No sweat. Now about the load time. If your targeted readers are only from countries like UK, USA, Canada or some developed European countries, then worry not. But if you target the world, well, many don’t have the connection quality like those of the aforementioned countries. Take care.

        PS: about the header, I’ll make no further comment. :mrgreen:


  4. Deanna Herrmann says:

    Hi! Thanks for following my blog. We have very similar stories except we stopped at one child. I look forward to reading more and hope we can get to know each other better!


    • Abby Boid says:

      Thank you Deanna. It’s so great finding people with similar experiences all over this big wide web! Love what I have read of your blog so far, and looking forward to reading more too.


  5. amforte66 says:

    Great bio. It’s funny how fast everything happened for you once you decided you weren’t going to have kids. My husband and I hate housework too…not a great combo with a house full of kids. 🙂 It’s interesting that you ended up in the financial world with a degree in philosophy. Two of my daughters are very interested in philosophy, but think they may double major if they decide to peruse this as a major.


    • Abby Boid says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment. It is funny where life takes you – I think philosophy gave a good foundation for pursuing many careers, so I would highly recommend it as a degree. Although I am biased. It goes well with many other disciplines, including maths, music, linguistics and the sciences. Let me know what they decide to do!


      • amforte66 says:

        Right now, my daughter at Brown is going with Math and Econ. I have another who is getting ready to start at West Point and she may pair Philosophy with something else. Both do love philosophy and I enjoy listening in on their conversations. 🙂


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