Happy Christmas Nanna

Abby BoidHi Nanna

How are you?

Thought it might amuse you receiving a sort of Christmas card via this blog thing that I do. Don’t worry – we can always get Dad to help  with the computer so you can respond. Actually, I’m not sure even Dad is that great a computer expert….hee hee.

We are doing well. 2014 was good to us. I have the usual regrets of not seeing enough of my favourite people. Life plods on though, eh? Continue reading

This Christmas, Spare a Thought for the Christmas Card. And the Goat.

Abby BoidGot me a goat for Christmas.

A friend posted on Facebook that they weren’t doing Christmas cards this year, but instead they had sponsored a goat.

Thanks to their thoughtfulness that makes me, and all their Facebook buddies, givers not takers. Givers of goats at that!

What a marvellous idea: save money (and trees) that would be spent on cards; buy goats.  What’s not to like?

Problem is, I just can’t ditch the cards. Continue reading