Nearly Get Crushed By A Falling Apple Tree, and other cheap and cheerful ways to keep the kids amused during the summer holidays

Half way through the six week holidays. So far so good. But what to do for the next 3 weeks?

Out of money, out of ideas, I thought I’d jot down those day trips that the boys still talk about fondly. Things that were so good, so epic, and so awesome that it would be a shame not to do them all over again.

I was expecting tales of bonfires, of sleeping outdoors, of trips to Peppa Pig world, of frolicking in the sea. After mining my kids’ treasure trove of all time favourite memories , what do they actually talk about constantly?

Here are the day trips that my kids would recommend you all try: Continue reading

How to afford a trip to Disneyland by buying cheap baked beans. Fact?

imageSo there I was, husband working away, watching re-runs of Frasier for the 100th time, feeling there must be more to life.

On reflection, I realised life was pretty good and what I actually wanted to do was watch something that wasn’t Frasier.

I lie. What I really wanted to do was watch more Frasier but I was starting to wonder if it was somehow bad for me, constantly wishing I had an amazing spotless apartment overlooking the Seatle skyline.

And a cute dog.

And wit.

God. I love Frasier.

ENOUGH OF FRASIER. Continue reading

This Christmas, Spare a Thought for the Christmas Card. And the Goat.

Abby BoidGot me a goat for Christmas.

A friend posted on Facebook that they weren’t doing Christmas cards this year, but instead they had sponsored a goat.

Thanks to their thoughtfulness that makes me, and all their Facebook buddies, givers not takers. Givers of goats at that!

What a marvellous idea: save money (and trees) that would be spent on cards; buy goats.  What’s not to like?

Problem is, I just can’t ditch the cards. Continue reading