4am thoughts on the little boy’s birthday

There’s a little boy’s birthday in the house tomorrow. Actually, it’s today – it’s 4am here at the moment.

It’s not sugar crafting and gift wrapping that awoke me, with that un-pinnable downable anxiety that creeps in if you wake between 3 and 5. It’s something more. It’s the overwhelming burden of being a Mum. Pinterest is good for hacks on cake decorating and gift making: parenting existential birthday angst? Not so much. Continue reading

We’re Not Bored Son, We’re Buffering

The kids are watching some film or other on Netflix when I hear them sigh. When I investigate I see the circle on the screen spinning round and round. Inundated with info and struggling to find space or capacity or to hear itself above all the other techno babble, the computer is buffering.

“I’m bored” moans the 7 year old when faced with this momentary glitch in his passive entertainment. “Being bored” is a new phrase for him, and a thoroughly depressing one at that. I feel a pang of shame: how did I let this happen? Continue reading

What Rotherham Taught This Mum

Abby Boid

Me in the Rotherham years

Update 22 October 2015

This post is not, perhaps, my finest work – as I say in the pre-amble, for numerous reasons I find it hard to find the right words to convey thoughts about the town I grew up in. However, with the latest news about closure of steel works I think it’s better to say something than keep quiet.

More importantly, I can use my blog as a vehicle to share this fab post from The Dysfunctional Mother. She is in Scunthorpe where they too are facing the closure of their Steel Industry.

Want to know more? Here is a great piece by radio 4 on what can only be described as the plight of Rotherham. I stumbled across it because it was shared by Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham. She is worth a twitter follow.


Now, here is the original post I wrote a few months ago. Rotherham and many many other towns like it deserve a voice. And a voice that is listened to. So please – listen.

Continue reading

Happy Christmas Nanna

Abby BoidHi Nanna

How are you?

Thought it might amuse you receiving a sort of Christmas card via this blog thing that I do. Don’t worry – we can always get Dad to help  with the computer so you can respond. Actually, I’m not sure even Dad is that great a computer expert….hee hee.

We are doing well. 2014 was good to us. I have the usual regrets of not seeing enough of my favourite people. Life plods on though, eh? Continue reading