dangerous womenThere was a party round ours over the weekend. And there was food and booze and family and friends and it was fun and kind and there were smiles and there was laughter.

And there was chit and there was chat and there were songs. And there was much lamentation about music not being what it was. About it not being about reaching out to connect with others, to bring together, to change the world. Not like 20 years ago. Continue reading

The Importance of Coffee and Communication in the Development of Young Brains

It’s all about communication isn’t it? Not just how we speak, but how we listen too. With that in mind, it is perhaps best to never hear the newest piece of child development research before sunrise, before coffee, through the medium that is Breakfast TV.

Given the pre-coffee circumstances, my first exposure to Save the Children’s “Lighting Up Young Brains” perhaps wasn’t all it should have been.

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A Recruitment Consultant Tried to Steal My Fish

Give a Mum a fish and you feed her for a day; teach a Mum to fish and you feed her for a lifetime. Or check the freezer. You’ll probably find a fish finger. And a waffle. Mmmm. Waffles.

A recruitment consultant stole my fish. My metaphorical fish that is.

By ‘my fish’  I mean ‘my career’ and boy, it was a big one. However, then along came the kids.

Once I’d become a full time stay at home Mum I misplaced my rod, lost the bait, and requested that all tackle be kept from view.  But I was happy on the break from fishing my career until the phone calls from the recruitment consultant started. Continue reading