4am thoughts on the little boy’s birthday

There’s a little boy’s birthday in the house tomorrow. Actually, it’s today – it’s 4am here at the moment.

It’s not sugar crafting and gift wrapping that awoke me, with that un-pinnable downable anxiety that creeps in if you wake between 3 and 5. It’s something more. It’s the overwhelming burden of being a Mum. Pinterest is good for hacks on cake decorating and gift making: parenting existential birthday angst? Not so much. Continue reading

Politics: what do you know?

When I was 4 there were some things that I knew.

I knew 1+1 = 2. I knew living in an intergenerational family set up behind the sweet shop that we ran was awesome. I knew Father Christmas existed. I knew the Tories were evil. I knew that you all knew this too.

I wasn’t actually sure what ” the Tories” was. I knew what it looked like: Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading